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"Let's Talk Finance"  Workshops

Visual. Interactive. Fun.
Learn to present powerful business information in a way that’s easy to understand.

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Let's Talk Finance workshops are powered by Colour Accounting Learning System™, a revolutionary approach to learning accounting and finance that enables everyone to have solid business acumen and understanding of finances.

Join the accounting revolution with the intuitive visual framework that is easy to understand and explain.

Our Workshops

Our Workshops


Let's Talk Finance

By Calculated Approach Consulting Inc.

We presently offer group workshops at a date and time convenient for you. The format could be in-person or virtual for a full day (8hrs) or 2 half days (4hrs).


What Participants Have to Say

This was the most fun way to educate and learn about accounting.  Very simple and visual way to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

Troy F.

Before the workshop I had some basic knowledge about accounting. I knew how important the balance sheet and the income statements were but I was not able to read nor use the info properly. Now I understand where each item should be and why it is there. Using the color system definitely helps understanding the movement of the money and the importance of keeping everything balanced. This workshop is a must for anyone in business. Thanks Stephanie for leading our group so beautifully!

Marion Z.

This course was great, it gave me an easy way to think about bookkeeping.  I was making it way too complicated and avoiding it all together.  Now I fell i"m able to dive in and do the job right.

Kristy B.


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