Accounting Communication Workshop

In just one day, learn a brand new way to communicate with your clients in a way they will understand!



We don’t teach you accounting.

As an accounting professional you know your job.

 This one day workshop is about
how to best talk with your clients
so that your message get across.


9161814Color Accounting has the advantage of showing how accounting works visually. We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the Accounting Comes Alive approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively. As such, I believe that it is of value to anyone who is interested in understanding how accounting works (from high school students to MBAs to business executives).”

Professor Paul Healy, Head of Accounting Unit, Harvard Business School


From Australia to San Francisco… Color Accounting is a framework used worldwide. 

Do your recognize your clients?

  • Do they see finance and accounting as one big hole of uncertainty?
  • Do they have a mental block when it comes to accounting and finance?
  • Do you want them to understand :
    • How to make more money and be profitable?
    • How their financial decisions impact the bottom line of their business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Color Accounting workshop is for you!

Seats are limited.

As a Professional Accountant or Bookkeeper What can YOU expect?

  • Learn how to translate  financial and accounting jargon.
  • Communicate better the financial and accounting issues to your clients.
  • Understand what they often incorrectly think when they use certain terms.
  • See the “big picture” of accounting and finance and use it as an effective management and monitoring tool with your clients.

Colour Accounting™ is a new revolutionary approach to learning accounting and finance that is simple, fun and easy, making accounting accessible and understandable to ANYONE.

How is this possible?

The Colour Accounting™ training is taught visually – using storyboards, colours and pictures. And it is interactive and engaging – exact opposite of the traditional accounting lecture.

Seats are limited.

Leader: Stephanie Descoteaux DFA-BSS

Stephanie Descoteaux
Stephanie Descoteaux – Leader and Facilitator. Throughout her 15-year experience in managerial and forensic bookkeeping, Stephanie could see how some business owners were really good at providing services and products, but not so good at understanding the financial consequences of their decisions.

When she first discovered the Colour Accounting™ method, she immediately saw the benefits to her clients – a clear and fun way to understand bookkeeping; so much that she decided to become a credited trainer for Colour Accounting™, to teach not only her clients, but everyone who is struggling in grasping the concept of what looks like a foreign language.

“I love that my clients are now fluent in accounting language”.

“This seminar allows those who think less quantitatively to understand accounting better by using other parts of the brain. It provides a good accounting framework that is seldom communicated by CPAs or accounting professors.”
Participant, SBA Workshop, DC

Regional Clients include: Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Law Institute of Victoria, QBE, Austar, Minter Ellison, Baker & Mckenzie, Worley Parsons, Rio Tinto, John Holland, ResMed, Bolinda Publishing, Holding Redlich, HR Legal, Employers Mutual, Global Retail Brands, Marie Stopes International.