Customized “Colour Accounting” Workshops in Canada

These training courses are designed to be educational, informative and empowering. Delegates do not necessarily have a financial background and we strive to remove the “fear” associated with accounting and provide the tools to understand financial literacy and fundamentals logically through discovery learning.

Over the past few years Colour AccountTM (also known as Accounting Comes Alive) has firmly established itself as the world leader in breakthrough financial literacy. Use of our services globally confirms that our revolutionary Colour AccountingTM methodology has the ability to empower people to prepare, read, understand and interpret financial statements in a most dynamic and interactive workshop. When people are accounting literate, they are in fact financially literate. They make better and more informed decisions, which in turn has an impact on good governance.

Most people think that accounting is for accountants. We want people to realize that accounting is the language of finance and that everyone can learn to communicate freely in the “accounting” language.

From the start, delegates are involved hands-on as they are led along a carefully designed pathway that enables them to discover accounting principles themselves.

This is achieved using a unique and patented system involving:

  • Carefully controlled language and simple words
  • An exact and deliberate sequence to reveal concepts
  • Tactile and visual devices
  • Three dimensional learning props
  • Colours
  • Unique metaphors

…and a fun and playful approach.

The Accounting Comes Alive generic one day workshop is an incredibly powerful and empowering day and allows people to engage more fully in the organization, to understand where they fit in and how their actions contribute to the bottom line. The workshop makes them more financially aware and cost-conscious and in-stills in them financial acumen for life. After all – it’s accounting that tells the story of finance, and life!

The first 4 hours of the Accounting Comes Alive course is generic and gives people the language and the tools they need, while the last part of the day is spent applying this learning. In an open course, this is done by means of a case study, of which certain aspects can be emphasized according to the interests of the majority of participants. In a customized course, this case study can be designed specifically for the organization and often involves going over their latest financial statements.

Proposed Fees

We believe our courses to be an investment towards the education of an individual, with the proposed fees based on high quality services at a cost effective and competitive price.

In Canada, the regular price for a 1 day generic Accounting Comes Alive course is $450 per person, with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 16 people. This fee includes the Accounting Comes Alive training pack and royalty fees, but not sales tax. Courses are offered from time to time at convenient locations, depending upon demand.

The price for a 1 day customized workshop will be $3,500 based on 8 participants, which covers:

  • Trainer fee $2,000
  • Customization costs of $300
  • Material costs of $150 per participant

These fees exclude training venues, refreshments/meals and any out of pocket expenses e.g. copies of training material. Extra participants are welcome at the rate of $150 per participant to a maximum of 16.

Dates Available

We are flexible in the times that we can deliver our courses. In most cases, courses will be offered in one day from 8:30 to 4:30; but can be adapted to suit the client utilizing weekends and evenings where necessary.

We can usually schedule courses on a few weeks’ notice. There are several times available for courses on Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and across Canada.